Open cycle gas

InterGen was the first UK operator to finance and contruct a gas plant project based on the UK government’s capacity market. The success of our open cycle gas (OCGT) plant at Spalding in Lincolnshire will form a basis for the future expansion of our open cycle fleet.

As the UK transitions to a low carbon energy system, open cycle gas plants will play an important role in providing essential power and system services during periods of peak demand, as they offer the following benefits to the national grid and UK national stability:

  • reduced system volatility: short notice to synchronise time (peaking plant)
  • enhanced system integrity: MVAr, Frequency Response and inertia

About the technology

An open cycle gas turbine consists of a compressor, combustion chamber and a turbine, connected by one or more shafts, collectively called the gas generator or gas turbine.

The compressor takes in air from the atmosphere and raises its pressure, feeding it into the combustion chamber, where fuel is added and burned with a portion of the air.

The heated gases coming out of the combustion chamber drive the turbine, generating electricity.

Find out more about InterGen's open cycle gas development projects here

Click on the image below to take a 360 degree tour around InterGen's new Spalding open cycle gas plant.

Key facts

300 Existing open cycle capability (MW)
0.3M Homes powered