Combined cycle gas

As the UK takes old coal and nuclear plants offline, the focus is increasingly on flexible and reliable generation technologies such as combined cycle gas (CCGT's) to ensure security of supply. Efficient gas generation can support the variable energy output from intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar.

InterGen currently owns three operational CCGT plants in the UK, with combined capability of 2.5GW. We operate a programme of continuous improvement to ensure cost-competitive, reliable, efficient and flexible operations, and we have a successful track record of providing grid services to the system operator National Grid.

Our strong, synchronous plant platform enables us to maximise value from our portfolio. As the operator of one of the largest gas fleets in the UK, InterGen aims to take a future lead in developing flexibility products to enhance the stability of the national grid.

About the technology

Combining gas and steam turbines creates a highly efficient energy generation solution, which can as much as double conventional thermal efficiency. A gas turbine drives an electrical generator, then surplus heat drives a steam turbine, significantly increasing the power output of the system.

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Click on the image below to take a tour around a steam turbine generator, a feature of combined cycle gas technology.

Key facts

470 CCGT Capability in development (MW)
2.5 Homes powered (millions)
21 Years of UK CCGT operations