Located 30 miles east of London on the River Thames, Coryton power station is a flexible natural gas fired CCGT plant that began commercial operation in 2002.

Sited next to the new London Gateway Port and Logistics park, one of the largest UK infrastructure projects in last 10 years, the plant recently commissioned a private wire connection to the Port capable of delivering 75MW of power.

In 2023 InterGen reached an agreement with General Electric to upgrade the two Coryton GT26 gas turbines with the “High Efficiency” (HE) upgrade.  This upgrade will improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions per MWh produced and increase the net output of the plant.

Consequently, in January 2024 InterGen applied to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to amend Coryton’s existing planning consent to allow an increase in the permitted electrical output of the generating station to up to 850MW.

Click here to view the Coryton planning documents relating to the upgrade.

Key facts

800 Capacity (MW)
800,000 Homes powered annually
19 Years of operation